Monday, October 17, 2011

Energy For Life Walk 9-10-11

This was such a great event to be a part of and I am so glad we found out about it in time!
It was at Murray Park in Murray on Sept 10, 2011!  It was so good to be there and meet some new
people and read the stories of the other children in our community! They had several stories of children along the course who are dealing with a Mitochondrial Disease and then children who lives were taken by it.  It was so heartbreaking to see these sweet children.  It made me realize that there are others who  are facing the same challenges as my sweet Ramsi, and some who are facing much harder things too.

The money that was raised (about 18,000) went straight to UMDF (United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation)
and that will go towards finding a cure!  I can't wait to help out with it next year to help raise more awareness!

Here are a few pictures from the "Rockin" with Ramsi" team! Thanks to everyone who donated on behalf of our team and for those who showed up and walked with us!!!!

Ramsi turns FIVE

I know her Birthday was over a month ago, but I thought some cute and fun pictures should be shown to celebrate her!!! We love this little girl more than you can imagine! She is such a sweet girl who is full of life and wants to be busy all the time! She will try and try to do something and ask and ask until we let her! She is amazing in every way and she just keeps on improving and we couldn't ask for more in a daughter!

I picked her up from school and took her to the Zoo with her sister and Grandma HIllesheim! That wore her out and she fell asleep immediately in the car!  Then we had a family party for her later that night and she loved it!

                                 Picked her up from school to go to the Zoo.
                                                   Loving the merry-go-round!!
                                                                        So Cute!
                                                                   passed out!!