Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello Everyone!! It's been a long year or so for those of us in the Ramsi Reed Foundation family!

We know, it's been a while, a long while. Posts have been few and far between and it's about time we pick it up a bit! Life happens, things get in the way, priorities make themselves known, and like anyone else we just do the best we can, pick up where we left off, and push forward.... just a little harder this time!

A few days ago, Wendy, Diana, and myself (all directors for the RRF) were privileged to attend an awesome event at which a long time friend of mine was the speaker... Tiffany Walke Peterson to be specific. She was AMAZING and we all loved every minute of it.

Tiffany is the epitome of everything a person SHOULD be. She is smart, sincere, well spoken, kind, loving, supportive, motivating... and as if that isn't enough, she is also incredibly beautiful!! She was exactly what we needed and it helped us immensely.

We hope to have her at one of our events so that others can feel of her amazing presence and be touched in the way that we were. If you would like to know more about this wonderful woman and the impact she's had on so many, click this link and you will be enlightened:  The Lighthouse Principles  You will be glad you looked into it. We will definitely be making you all aware of any more of her events that we'll be attending, and if you'd like, you can join us. :-)

As for the Ramsi Reed Foundation, we are in the process of planning our annual benefit dinner and are getting very excited about it. We have much to share, and plenty that our community and everyone in the world needs to be made aware of. Mitochondrial Disease is a very real thing. More common in children than cancer and being connected to many other diseases such as Fibromyalgia, Autism, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, and more. It's time we got others to listen and contribute in any way they can. Without help, whether monetary or not, our hope of finding a cure, or even helping those with the disease manage their every day life, will be impossible.

Please stay tuned and help us out by mentioning to your friends what we stand for and what we are striving to do. We are determined to make a difference in the "mito" world.

Until next time... hug your loved ones. Cherish life and all it has to offer. Lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than you and see what a difference it can make; not just in their life, but in yours as well.

Thanks for taking a minute to read. Much love to you all!!

Natalie Renee Hillesheim
Founder and Director at The Ramsi Reed Foundation