Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time to see the Cardiologist again!

  So a week ago we went to see the Cardiologist for Ramsi's yearly appointment and as usual, she is so good!
She knows the routine at any Doctor's office and she just quietly does what she is told to do! (very different than at home, of course!!)  The blood test we had done a month or so ago showed some changes in the sequence that deals with Cardiomyopathy and so we wanted to get in right away!

  Well, everything still looks great! So as of right now we really don't have to worry about it unless we see changes at home! We originally started to see the Cardiologist because Ramsi has a heart murmur and they have to keep an eye on it every year to make sure there are no changes! I really love the Cardiologist Dr Jou at Primary's that we see!  He is super positive and really explains things so us "dumb" people can understand!

  So here are some pictures of Ramsi being a good girl!! Enjoy!

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  1. Hi there, I was given this website by Dr Warnock. My daughter passed away from mito in Feb of this year. My son has this disease also but its much milder right now and hopefully it will stay this way. I have another daughter that hasn't been tested but has some markers in blood work, urine and a resting metabolic rate test. Anyway we are doing a Energy for Life Walkathon 5k on Sept 10th at Murray Park. I know its short notice but if you go to you can sign up to walk!! You can start your own team if you would like!! Let me know if you need help!! Or if you have any questions!! If you go to my blog my email is on the side there and I'll put it here also. if you would like to speak by phone send me an email and I will email you my number!! Happy to have found you!!

    Maggie and Taveons Mom